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Types of palm trees

Palm tree in addition to Bam:

Mozafati Bam date, as its name suggests, is native to Bam in Kerman province, known as Kimia date, which is actually the most famous type of date; It has a hearty and sweet taste and is very meaty, which is suitable for fresh eating, and it has a long shelf life, which grows in tropical areas.

Piarum palm tree:

The Piarum date tree, which is known as the square and chocolate date, is one of the semi-dry dates, which is actually the most expensive type of date that can be seen in abundance in areas of Iran, especially Hajiabad, Hormozgan, which has an oval appearance. It is black in color and grows in large size.

Zahedi palm tree:

Zahedi or golden date has an oval appearance, which has a soft texture that has a pleasant taste and has a thick skin that appears semi-dry; Compared to other dates, it has less sweetness and is rich in fiber, which has a high storage power, which is easy to transport and export, and is considered among the tastiest dates.

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